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RR is one of the Leading Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Exporters from India. We are the main Exporter of the Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits. 

RR is redefining the way premium fresh produce is being distributed worldwide. Our dedication to supplying top-of-the-line freshֲ products as well as our long line of strong partnerships and customers, have helped us guarantee a  reliable service of the finest organic products which we are proud to present to communities worldwide.

We are now accepting new products to our distribution product line. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to partner with a distribution company that originates from one of the most agriculturally advanced countries in the world.


We wish to contribute to societies that enjoy enhanced livelihood as a result of fair and ethical growing and trade in fresh produce. In order to turn our vision into a viable reality and encourage a healthy food environment on a global level.


We aim at achieving sustainable agriculture while ensuring worldwide fresh produce trade within international standards & procedures and in a cost-effective manner.

Our Products

We believe we are what we eat. So, we bring you the fresh, juicy and farm grown fruits and vegetables rich in nutrition. 

Pure Fruits

Pure Vegetables

Top Organic Quailty

  • We are committed to produce and package Standard Quality produce that is a cut above the rest.
  • We maintain world-class standards and requirements in order to export to international markets.
  • We have Global GAP, GRASP CERTIFICATION for all our produce and Organic certification for Avocados.
  • We encourage our farmers to use environmentally friendly practices.




Green Chilli




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